Boycott the Zabludowicz Art Trust and the Zabludowicz Collection!

Everyone – individuals and institutions – is invited to sign the boycott and lend your support to the campaign. Whether you are an art-worker, art lover, critic or cleaner – we need your support.


Zabludowicz Art Trust and its subsidiaries function to artwash the Israeli state policy of racism and apartheid.

The Zabudowicz Art Trust uses art and cultural activities in the UK to enhance the image of Israel. It serves to distract media attention from Israel’s ongoing oppression and destruction of Palestinians.

In 2014, Boycott Zabludowicz (BDZ) issued the call to boycott the Zabludowicz Art Trust. Until the Israeli state policy changes or the organization ceases to play this role, no one should work with, for, or visit the Zabludowicz Art Trust and Collection in any of its forms.

The boycott is made in solidarity with the call from Palestinian workers and civil society BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) Movement to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and to pressure Israel to comply with international law. It recognises the explicit call from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) for the boycott of the Zabludowicz Arts Trust

Boycott Zabludowicz now has hundreds of signatories, with institutional and individual supporters from across the UK and global artworld. We need your support to help turn the tide against racism in the artworld, and to push back against the wider tide of colonialism, privatisation, and reaction of which Zabludowicz Art Trust is a signal part.


Zabludowicz Art Trust uses art and culture to artwash the Israeli state’s ongoing racism and violence against Palestinians. It is intimately connected to lobbying activities on behalf of the Israeli state, and to a company providing services to the Israeli Air Force. The Zabludowicz brand weaponizes culture to legitimate and reinforce the Israeli policy of apartheid.

In a period when white supremacist racism in Israel has hardened from informal to official state policy, this is an exceptionally destructive use of cultural soft power. It out-strips even the worst corporate offenders globally for its role in an explicit and ongoing policy of racism and apartheid.

Even in the increasingly privatised UK culture scene where funding is often derived from vastly exploitative and oppressive companies and private-public bodies, Zabludowicz Trust stands out because it directly serves a project of apartheid, here and now. Under Israel’s Basic Laws, “Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it” [Our italics]. [ ]

Here racism isn’t incidental to the state’s policies, it’s pivotal. Zabludowicz Trust exists to naturalise and normalise programmatic apartheid: help us shatter the illusion that racism is ever acceptable – whether anti-Palestinian or anti-semitic!


Poju and Anita Zabludowicz founded the Zabludowicz Collection in north London in 1994. The Zabludowicz Art Trust now includes Zabludowicz Collection, Dataa Editions, and its programme of artist residencies in Finland among other activities. Poju Zabludowicz is founder and director of Tamares Group and founder, major funder, and former director of the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre BICOM. BICOM lobbies the UK government on behalf of Israel.

In 1994, Poju took over the family arms dealing business and most of the defence interests were sold. It is now controlled through Tamares Group, which has in the past invested in property built on illegal settlements of Palestinian land. Tamares continues to invest in Knafaim Holdings Ltd, offering ‘military aircraft maintenance services’ to the Israeli Air Force via various maintenance contracts. Poju also donates significant sums of money to the British Conservative party.

Today Zabludowicz Art Trust, of which the Collection is part, has been whitewashing apartheid for 4 decades. Collectively, these institutions function to divert attention from its founders’ and beneficiaries’ less palatable activities in the UK and overseas while doing propaganda work for Israel’s most unacceptable policies. Structural and physical violence against Palestinians disappears behind a philanthropic cultural mission, and art is turned into artwash.


We ask everyone – artists, art-goers, academics and cultural workers, curators, administrators and employees of art institutions – to join us.

To add your institution or name to the boycott, contact BDZ at

All art, film, performance, writing, workshops, masterclasses, etc. conducted under the Zabludowicz Trust and Collection’s umbrella constitute an advertisement for apartheid. Boycott Zabludowicz and stop (your) art being turned into an aesthetic gloss for militarist oppression and racism!


Practically, we ask artists to refuse to work with or for the Zabludowicz Trust or to those operating in their network of interests.

The boycott is an active, non-symbolic refusal to reproduce the Zabludowicz Art Trust’s project or further its reactionary aims. Support means breaking off your involvement with Zabludowicz Art Trust in all its forms, and for institutions (academic or artworld) this involves ending partnerships with Zabludowicz Trust, de facto and (preferably) formally.

Boycotters refuse to work with, visit, or otherwise support Zabludowicz Art Trust’s work. It doesn’t matter if you have visited or worked with them in the past. Like any strike or protest, the point is where we are going, not where we have been.

Supporters agree not to sell to, or show their work with, the Zabludowicz Collection. The may withdraw the ‘conceptual content’ of their work from the Collection if they have sold work to Zabludowicz Collection in the past. Writers and curators refuse to work for the organisation, to visit its sites, or to review its shows.


If you would like to sign, or get involved in the boycott please contact us at . We respond to press and other enquiries at the same mail.

We are in solidarity with Artists for Palestine who are advocating a cultural boycott of Israeli companies and institutions in receipt of funds from the Israeli state, and non-cooperation with attempts to silence and suppress critique of Israeli policy in the UK and abroad. The boycott is formulated in line with BDS and PACBI guidelines, and does not include activist, educational and peace-building initiatives in Israel, Palestine or abroad not supported by Israeli state agencies.